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A while ago we had been wrestling with a large Balsam Fir which had been partially blown up and ended up hanging on to another tree, and it was on a steep slope within less than 10 feet of our garage, we tried a 2 ton puller on it and ended up destroying the puller, we had to get another 4 ton cable puller, and this time it got the job done without breaking anything.

Cable pullers are a great multipurpose and heavy duty pulling tools that any handy man should have them around in their garage and work places. The rated capacity of cable puller usually comes in from 1 ton to 4 ton(2200lbs to 8800lbs), the reach of the pullers is usually 6 feet to 12 feet, the higher the capacity, the shorter the reach, 1 ton puller can have 12 reach while 4 ton puller will only have 6 reach, but some extra heavy duty 4 ton ones can have 11 or more. People sometimes call these cable pullers "Come Along", but come along refers to a lot of different hand tools besides cable pullers, such as chain hoist, chain puller, hand winch, strap pullers, and more, in a word, a come along is a hand operated ratchet lever winch. Typically hand winch is used to pull boat out of water on the boat trailer or lower the boat into water, hence the name 'boat trailer winch", and hand winch has to fixed onto something before use while you can just hook cable puller onto something immobile, such as a tree.

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Cable pullers have some nice features and interesting applications to which you can refer before you buy them. A typical cable puller will have a cable guide , which keeps 2 wraps of cable on ratchet wheel, and you can release loads one notch at a time, it usually has a laminated steel ratchet wheel, plated steel for rust resistance, drop forged steel safety hooks, 4 ton model will feature 5/16" galvanized aircraft cable, and all the cable pullers meet OSHA and ASME specs. The cable pullers usually come with two slip hooks with safety latch, and some extra heavy duty ones have 3 safety hooks for extra protection.

The cable pullers are ideal for stretching, pulling, lifting and lowering. You can pull or release vehicles onto and from trailer respectively, hold or drag trees when you're logging, pull big rack or she'd around your house, pull the stuck vehicle or trees out of somewhere, compare to electric powered winch, eg. ATV winch, cable pullers are inexpensive handy tools.

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