How To Bring Your Brand Across On Facebook?

For some entrepreneurs, Facebook is the Demon.

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It's a time-sucker that not only ruins your productivity, but that is too difficult to manage because you don't have time to chat with your Facebook fans.

I know what you're going through. It's difficult to spend time on Facebook and only do business stuff. The minute you'll have a new notification, you risk joining the procrastination wagon.

But Facebook is essential to your business, whether you like it or not. It's the best way to bring your brand to life.

The Problem: But How?

It's already difficult to build a strong brand on your own website you know it will get even harder on social media! Plus, you don't want to do what everyone else is doing which is kind of difficult because it seems to work for them?

What are the right Facebook strategies for YOUR business? How can you make people feel like they found a friend, not that they liked a business page?

Well, it's pretty simple.

The D.A.M. Strategy, The One And Only.

If you don't know what is the D.A.M. strategy, here's the complete article where I talked about this a few weeks ago. Let me still go over it quickly:

D: Define. Define what are the 3 words that describe your business.

A: Amplify. Amplify them to create activities and content that really suit you.

M. Multiply. Multiply these activities and this content to start a dialog.

This process will help you build strong Facebook strategies by always referring to the very core of your business: You.

Wait! But what is a Facebook strategy? Good question! It's a solid plan to build an alive community around your business' core.

Rock Your Facebook Fan Page

Follow those steps to bring your brand across on Facebook:

1- Define your business' 3 words.

Your 3 words will become your confirmation stamps. If they aren't stamped on an activity, you should not do it.

2- Suit up your Facebook page.

Create a cover that looks like your website so people can relate to a known design and add a relevant profile picture. If you're a coach or if your business turns around you, put a photo of yourself as a profile picture. People want to feel like there are real people talking to them on Facebook, not robots.

Also, you might want to create little thumbnails for your Facebook apps to make them fit your graphic identity.

When you create any kind of design for Facebook, keep in mind that they could be shared. You want them to be an extension of you so they should look like the rest of your brand and send the same message. Never forget that your 3 words should be infused in everything you do.

3- Create an authentic dialog.

Think of your Facebook fans as friends. You don't want to be phony or fake with your friends you're simply yourself.

Well, do the same with with those people that liked your business and it's content. When you're answering questions, do it with your own voice, don't try to be "pro". They don't like you for being pro, they liked you for who you are now!

Also, when someone asks a question, don't wait too long before answering. Again, if it was a friend, you wouldn't make her wait a week before calling back, right?

The trick that sums everything up: Just. Be. Yourself.

4- Strategies that suit you.

Here's a list of activities that you can do on your Facebook page to start a dialog. Never forget that it's not enough to do just one of these activities: It must also be infused in your 3 words whether it's by the graphic design or by the tone you're giving it.


1- Feature a Fan of the Month

2- Ask questions

3- Ask for fan content

4- Ask for their biggest challenge


1- Debut a product launch

2- Throw an online party

3- Stream a press conference

4- Stream a webinar


1- Award a price to fans who share

2- Crowdsource new product idea

3- Issue a fan challenge

4- Integrate contests on all social platforms


1- Ask a question

2- Include a person's photo

3- Add a call to action

4- Advertise an event


1- Reward fans who tag your biz

2- Give away checklists

3- Add a Like Box to your website

4- Host a video contest

QR Codes:

1- Link to your welcome video

2- Use on product packaging

3- Put it on your business card

4- Put it in your email signature


1- Review colleagues' products

2- Host a panel chat

3- Guest post on client's pages

4- Joint contest & giveaways


1- Offer coupons or discounts for fans only

2- Host a photo contest

3- Share content

4- Add special events to your page


Running your Facebook page can be a mess if you don't plan your posts. Hey! You're human and you have a lots of other things to do! Schedule a moment at the beginning of your week to plan everything in an editorial calendar. You will know what and when you need to post t avoid any confusion.

To optimize your plan, also schedule your posts in Facebook. If you do it all at the beginning of your week, you won't need to take time to do it after.

If you need to manage more than one social media, don't take shortcuts: Create unique content for every media. It's way easier to connect your accounts and make it automatic, but Twitter people and Facebook people don't want the same content. Respect that and don't be lazy.

To make you avoid the part where you need to build an editorial calendar, I made one for you! Just print it and begin to use it NOW!

It's super easy. As you can see on the picture, what is scheduled is highlighted in turquoise and what is posted is highlighted in orange. I also added a "Notes" column so you can write down important dates. The "Likes" and "Comm" (comments) columnswill help you analyze what content brings more engagement.

I KNOW IT'S AMAZING! 😀 You're welcome.


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