Tips For Sucessfully Branding Your Photography or Creative Business

Is your business branding a big turn-off?

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At this time of year a lot of photographers and creative professionals revamp their websites. As we all know, your online presence is essential. It is where the majority of us find, and secure, our lovely clients. Our online presence our websites, social media pages, and blogs- collectively form an online portfolio that showcasing not only our talents, but also- our personalities.

your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room

Everything we offer is assessed instantly by our target client- from our colours to our fonts to our social media icon design. It's a slightly scary thought to know that someone looking at your site isn't consciously thinking about 'oh, that Facebook icon isn't aligned properly'- they aren't deliberately considering each element of your site- but they are instantly making one snap decision when they visit your website- it either works, or it doesn't. It meets their needs, or it doesn't.

It is as simple as that. If it doesn't work for your key client, in most cases, it's game over.

The one simple way to ensure that your client is turned on by your online presence and like what they see? 2 words.

Be Consistent.

Firstly in your branding design. Eg, if you feel the need to use pretty pastel triangles in your site, great. If they work for your target client, perfect. But don't just put them in your header or logo, and then forget all about them throughout the rest of your entire site. Where else can you use and put those pretty pastel triangles? Next to other headers? As your social icons? To highlight important info?

Secondly, keep that branding consistent across your entire online presence. Put those triangles as your YouTube video backgrounds! On your email signatures! Etc.

Your blog needs to look like your website which needs to match your Facebook header which needs to match your instagram style etc. Make sure all elements of your brand work together to enhance and promote your recognisable brand. Having consistent branding reinforces your brand identity.

It helps reinforce to your client that you are professional, and understand the need for attention to detail, and shows your own personal consistency as well a helping to build a recognisable brand. It reinforces your brand identity.

Using my photography business as an example, I know that my clients are female, brides, stylish, affluent, work in creative professions / have a creative streak / an appreciation for art. They appreciate a service which is direct and straightforward as they are busy, but also approachable. So I chose to use pink for my sites in different shades, I do love pink (tried to hide it for years, now I full on shout it out) but more than that I use pink because it says feminine, romantic, and welcoming to my clients. I also use pink on this site but a much bolder tone to suggest feminine business qualities bright pink is an inspiring, exciting colour. But using the pink throughout both sites and on my twitter, Facebook, even my email signature, enhances and reinforces my brand.

Do you have successful business branding for your photography or creative business? Is it consistent across all areas, or has this highlighted the need for a few tweaks?

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