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Zoya opened her eyes. She lifted her head and looked around. Vague rays of sunlight we're beginning to pierce through the blinds on the window. Blinking, she sat up and put her feet on the cool tile floor. There was something wrong. Her heart beat faster as she mentally checked her body. No, there was nothing wrong she felt normal. She looked over to the mirror that hung above the small dresser across from the bed. The deep purple shadows that had ringed her eyes we're gone. Her teeth we're back to pearly white normalcy. Her hair was still wild, but there was nothing unusual about that.

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A feeling of joy came over her and she sprang out of bed to get ready for the day. She had been under some kind of spell but this morning she felt like Zoya: the girl, the painter, the college student on vacation. She flung her door open, ready to spring down to the communal bathroom. Even the limp that she had been walking with seemed to have remedied itself.

Just in time she remembered her modesty. She turned back to gather some garments. Various clothing items flew out of her suitcase as she searched for clean underwear. Her back was to the door so she did not notice the dark shadow that flitted past in the hallway. The figure appeared to stand just for a second at the edge of Zoyas doorway before moving on.

Zoya stood. The numbness was back. She hardly dared to look in the mirror but she did. Her eyes we're ringed with bruised skin and her crooked teeth set her mouth into a grimace.

The wind carried a mournful howl to all parts of the island.

Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the bombing in Boston and to the people of Iran and Pakistan who have suffered a powerful earthquake. God Bless everyone.

While writing these zombie installments I've made it a point to stay away from self-marketing. I write about Zoya to entertain, which I hope I'm doing. But every time there is another earthquake I remember what I went through and what victims still suffer years after. If you have time, please check out my author page 10% of my profits go to an earthquake relief organization. Thank you for reading Zombie Stories and feel free to comment!!! I'd love to hear from you!

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