Facebook Version 6.0

Facebook has unleashed a new version of it's popular Facebook app for iOS users. Facebook Version 6.0 brings numerous changes. If you are keen to Facebook's updates, you can easily recognized that by the time, Facebook is aiming on it's Mobile users. And it seems all legit, as it has more than 50% active mobile users. Let's see, what this new app has got for us. Below are the details of this new redesigned Facebook iOS app.

There are mind blowing changes made by Facebook in this new version of it's iOS app. The most stunning feature is Chat heads. This feature serves you all a new user interface over your iDevice. Chat heads is nothing but it is as same as Facebook's recently announced Facebook home . This Chat head feature will make you able to use your new Facebook App with a new messenger in it.

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Chat heads are round floating icons which you will be seen on your iDevice app. The main thing in this chat heads is, you can easily drag them up or pull them down if you don't feel like to reply to any of your friends' messages. It's always alive whether you are using it or not. If you are busy with your work on Facebook app, this Chat heads still there and you can place it anywhere you want just by dragging it. Every new chat will brings a new round floating circle with his/her's profile picture. One more thing I need to add here is you can simply select your friends from the add option to make a quick chat.

With this, you would get one more feature in this newer version and it's Facebook stickers. Yes, you heard it all true. It's Facebook Stickers. This stickers are nothing but a new smileys or we can call it emoticons. This Stickers are there with a bigger look, the only difference between this Facebook Stickers and older smileys are it's size and this stickers are placed besides the message itself. So, users can easily describe what they are facing right now with a proper sticker and without proper words.

New users of this new app would have a bunch of free stickers to make a good use of their emotions. After that, if you've got addicted to these stickers and want some more, you can easily grab them from the Stickers Store itself. A new UI and a brand new profile layout makes a good sense to update your current version of Facebook which is still installed on your iDevice. However, as of the current time you can't get the above mentioned features on your new app. It'll be officially unleashed in a few weeks from Facebook itself. If you're just impressed with it's new layout and smother UI, you can get this app directly from the itunes or App store. If you have already installed this Facebook app on your Apple device, you can simply update it from AppStore, just by visiting a Facebook app on Appstore.

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