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Getting Started

At Innovative Licensing, we are always on the lookout for the next great idea from entrepreneurs and inventors that make our lives easier and change the world with their concepts.

If you believe you have the next big thing to revolutionize the way we live or work, let us partner with you to take your plans from conception to realization. With Innovative Licensing, we can help you move forward and cultivate pre-orders, sales or to find investors to help fund your project to the next level.

Invention patenting

When it comes to turning your idea into a marketable product, Innovative Licensing can guide you every step of the way. Working with us gives you access to our expertise and capabilities with surveys, experiments, fine-tuning of your ideas, development, sourcing, pre-order processes, crowd-funding, online sales and more. Our staff is also trained in the most up-to-date trends in social marketing and outsourcing strategies.

Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneur journey, if you are just starting out with an idea or if you are hoping to expand your current operations, our team is equipped to help you move forward.

Sell My Idea in Ancaster ON

We can help you patent and sell your invention in Ancaster ON.

When it comes to your idea, don't trust it to just anyone. You need to find
a company that has a proven record of success to back up its claims of success.
A company that can show you results that build up your confidence.

Innovative Licensing Other Companies
Full development of product
Preliminary orders
Customer data input
Product perfection
Marketing support
Financial guidance
Low risk
Proven track record of accomplishment

Your one-of-a-kind idea is too valuable to be entrusted to just anyone. Wouldn’t you want to team up with the company that has a proven track record of success?

While other companies continue to rely on an ancient licensing method, Innovative Licensing uses a more modern approach.

We focus on selling your product right from the start, which helps us attain the final goal, whether that be a profitable product launch, a licensing deal at the pre-order stage or a complete buy-out.

Either way, we ensure you and your idea are our top focus.

The Pro Advantage

• Our approach focuses on securing pre-orders first

• We count on market research for our strategies

• The primary aim is to develop a capital fund for further development

• Our team has the best connections when it comes to manufacturing new products

• We are experts in the invention industry

Put Us to Work for You

No matter where you are in the idea development process, Innovative Licensing can help



Good ideas can fail without the right support. That is why, at Innovative Licensing, we begin with customer surveys and feedback. By utilizing the data, we are better equipped to help pivot your product and develop the next new item that people can’t live without.



Even if you already have a product created,Innovative Licensing can take you to the next step. By cultivating pre-orders, we can ensure a rewarding release of your idea. Wherever you want to take your product we can help, from a full launch to securing sales. Our team is on your side.



Do you already have a prosperous product but are looking to step up your sales? Innovative Licensing can team up with you to generate even further success. Whether you are hoping to build up your brand, increase your funding or grow your business, our expertise can make it easy.

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