Does CoQ10 Lower Cholesterol? You Be the Judge

Heart disease, cancer and cell death are widely believed to be caused, in part, by free radicals in the body. To combat free radicals, scientists have been conducting research on the effectiveness of antioxidants, substances believed to prevent free radicals from causing destruction. CoQ10, a strong antioxidant, is naturally present in the body and plays a large role in the production of energy from food. Regardless of it's ability to ward off free radicals, the real question is, does CoQ10 lower cholesterol?

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Does CoQ10 Lower Cholesterol?

Often sold in supplement form, some health experts believe CoQ10 can effectively lower bad cholesterol, or LDL. Research suggests that the use of CoQ10 may alleviate side effects experienced from taking statin drugs commonly used in the fight against high cholesterol. Hard scientific research regarding CoQ10s ability to lower cholesterol is not yet available; however, many individuals with high cholesterol have reported experiencing positive results from taking CoQ10 supplements.

Other Uses for CoQ10

Though the question, Does CoQ10 lower cholesterol? remains largely unanswered - at least in the scientific community - use of CoQ10 has proven profound in the treatment of other medical issues.

  • Diabetes Thanks to it's ability to restore heart health, stabilize blood sugar and keep high blood pressure under control, CoQ10 is often given to people who suffer from diabetes. As a result, diabetes patients are often better able to control their health.
  • Heart Attack After a heart attack, the administration of CoQ10 within 3 days has been found to improve survival rates and reduce the possibility of future heart attacks.
  • Hypertension Also called high blood pressure, hypertension can lead to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. One study found that taking CoQ10 was effective in reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.
  • Heart Damage Used to treat a variety of cancers, chemotherapy drugs can wreak havoc on the entire body system, particularly the heart. Though further research is necessary, CoQ10 has been found to prevent heart damage in cancer patients.

Lower Cholesterol without a Prescription

If you need to lower cholesterol, it's important to know that options outside of prescription medication exist and have been known to be effective. Taking prescription medication involves potentially life threatening side effects and can sometimes feel like exchanging one bad thing for another.

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