Let's play a game of "society says"

So, unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you've heard of the photo that went viral and the backlash that came with it. Does this ring a bell?

This poor mom takes the time to take care of herself and what happens? People go NUTS! She has three kids under the age of three. Anyone who has any kids can understand what a task that is in itself. She MAKES time to work out, that does NOT make her a bad mother. This is just a peek at exactly how women's brains have been trained(men take note). So, she works out, so she's got a six pack, so she's beautiful, that MUST mean that her kids are not taken care of, because OBVIOUSLY she's taken all the time for herself. Sounds insane and sarcastic? That's because it is.

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I have been told, "it's ok to let yourself go, as long as your a good mom". WTH? I am a mother. It is my job to set an example for my children and teach them to take care of their bodies. How can I set an example for them if I can't even take care of myself?!

(insert my angry typing and an occasional AMEN sister)

Maria Kang had good intentions when she asked, "what's your excuse?". She made an apology for her post. But why should she have to apologize? She meant to inspire people to make their health a priority. Here is the kicker- to be healthy doesn't mean you need a six pack of abs or toned arms. Find the right healthy for YOU. Health comes in all shapes and sizes. What's fine for you may not work for someone else. When will we stop comparing ourselves to others? When will we see that we are unique and beautiful? What example are you setting for your kids? I side with Maria on this onestop making excuses and take charge of your health. Whatever that may mean for you, find it, do it and love it!

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