Feel self conscious in the gym?

Feel self conscious in the gym? Do you want to be able to exercise without worrying about what other people may think? I think everyone has felt this at one stage or another at the gym. For the majority of people this happens when they first start going to the gym. This article will give a list of tips to help you overcome that feeling of insecurity by helping you feel happier in yourself, and also distracting yourself from your thoughts, helping you to focus on the job at hand (your workout).

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  1. Clothes

Believe it or not by wearing the right attire or clothes you feel good in, this will reduce those anxiety levels. Whether that is your favorite tracksuit bottoms/sweatpants, baggy hoodie, leggings or those sexy new pair of runners you bought online recently, wear what makes you feel good about yourself. For females if that means a little bit of makeup too (or guys if that's your kind of thing) go for it!! Not too much though you are there to workout not draw female/male attention or both!

  1. Spotter/Buddy System

Have someone you can share your fitness journey with is always a bonus! Whether that is a friend, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. doesn't really matter. Having someone to help you get those last few reps out on your bench press, or set a new PR on the back squat is fantastic. I always find personally that on the days my spotter isn't motivated I can get him in the zone and him vice versa when I need that little push. On the days you choose not to go to the gym you aren't only letting yourself down, you are letting your buddy down. This can help push you to go to the gym and you have his/her advice and encouragement when needed.

  1. Music

The vast majority of modern gyms usually have the resources to provide good, appropriate music. However it isn't always the majorities taste. I know from my own experience, a gym I once went to; the same CD was on repeat for couple months on end. This can be infuriating! Different people need different genres, tempos of music during workouts. Fast, medium, slow tempos, be that rock, rap, hip-hop, deep house or techno. If you need help putting together a playlist of your favourite workout tracks, resources like YouTube and Spotify have playlists that do just that. Otherwise compile your own playlist including your favourite AC-DC, Eminem or Thirty Seconds to Mars (personal favourites) tracks.

  1. Have a Plan

Too many people go to the gym without a set plan of what exercises, sets, and repetitions they will perform when they arrive. People aimlessly change from machine to machine, alternating between cardiovascular, resistance machines and free weights. This ultimately can lead to injuries. Therefore to feel less insecure, use the help of your spotter or online resources, or the personal trainer at the local gym to decide on a plan!

  1. Light weight, light weight!!!

This is most certainly more common among males who begin participating in resistance/strength training. Due to that low self-esteem/self-confidence when training and seeing the aesthetic, bigger guys in the gym, newbies over compensate. Trying to fast track gains, instead of focusing on technique and form, this is sacrificed for heavier weight. The end result once again is dumbbell curls incorporating every muscle in the body instead of isolating the bicep as an example. This only reaffirms your status as a newcomer to the gym! More importantly though, there is a greater increase in the chance of injury, putting you out of the gym for a period before you have really got started. So leave the ego at the door and stick to lighter weights at the beginning, focus on proper and full contractions of the targeted muscle groups and technique/form. In combination with your diet you will be on the way to achieving your fitness goals!!!

To recap then, by carrying out these tips individually or in culmination with one another, without question you will feel less self-conscious and instead more confident on your fitness journey. Everybody deserves to feel good in their own skin, and by making the conscious decision to go to the gym to improve your self is a great step. This article is that extra aid to help you stay there once committed!

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