Dedicating myself to my practice.

I've been into yoga for a while but for the longest time my practice was not consistent at all. When I did practice it was never alone, never handstand practice, and always in a studio (usually one of the Corepower studios here in Denver). I'll admit that the number one reason for the inconsistency in my yoga practice is the cost of the classes. The environment and the energy in the studio is great but it certainly comes at a cost.

Recently I made a friend, Dale, who told me that he'd been practicing handstands for a few months. What he said about yoga practice really stuck in my head and reminded me of why I got into yoga in the first place:

It's the best feeling in the world when you work hard on something and actually see and feel yourself improving.

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I was hooked and I've been practicing handstands and forearm balances everyday since. I remember trying to do handstand pushups a while back but I gave up almost immediately. Anyone who's tried 'em knows doing handstand pushups right out of the gate is the easiest way to get discouraged!

How I Practice

First and foremost, I practice near a wall with as much room around me as I can get. I have my yoga mat laid out in front of my dog's futon (he's a spoiled pup) and use my front door as support.

I haven't gotten much of a routine down yet. I try and spend as much time upside down as I can when doing a handstand. When I practice scorpion pose like I did in the picture I'll do this routine

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