Codependency and Other Problems in the Addiction Treatment Program in Iowa

Two most important problems that are hampering the progress of the addiction treatment program are codependency and denial. Here we understand what these problems mean and what the state substance abuse authorities are doing in order to help people come out of these problems.

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Codependency is a very significant stumbling block for the addiction treatment program. This problem runs within families of people who are into an addiction. The basic meaning of codependency is to act in such a way so that it hampers some kind of addiction treatment. Knowingly or unknowingly, many families are doing this. By their actions, they are actually coming in the way of the addicted people in their house from getting the right kind of addiction treatment.

There are several ways in which this can happen. Let us consider a few examples.

Suppose that there's a young person with an alcohol addiction in a family. The family will not want to accept this openly. As a result, they would hide the person's substance abuse wherever they go. Even if the person we're to commit an offense, the family would back this person up and try to mask the addiction for something else. Though they may be doing this for the love of the patient or for preventing their own social ridicule, it does come in the way of the person getting the right kind of treatment. The person gets the signal that even if they stay with their alcohol abuse, the family will always be there to protect them in some way. This is definitely not right.

The second example is more direct. Families that have an alcoholic or drug abusing member will naturally be quite stressed out. There is a very high possibility that this stress will manifest itself in the form of altercations and arguments within the house. Some members of the family may also react violently. When this happens, the patient gets more stressed out in turn and that will likely push them further into the addiction. This is how a wrong type of behavior in the family can actually keep people into the addiction.

It can be seen that codependency is a major issue. However, there are a lot of counseling bodies that are relentlessly fighting this problem. Substance abuse counseling cells that are set up in schools, colleges and other institutions identify people with addiction problems and then they plan an intervention for them in which they also call their families and counsel them on what the right approach would be. This makes the families understand what they can do in order to rectify the situation.


Another problem that is seriously rocking the boat of the addiction treatment program is denial. This occurs within the patients themselves. When patients are in a denial, they will not want to accept that their habit of abusing that particular substance is wrong or dangerous in any way. They will always think they are 'within safe limits' and will continue using the substance. Most significantly, they will not want to get into any kind of treatment.

People who are denying their addiction will shun addiction treatment and that is the reason they will keep going deeper and deeper into the addiction. This will prove highly taxing on the family who is caring for the patient because they will not find a solution to this problem. However, there is a solution.

The solution is to get the help of an intervention program. Basically, intervention helps people who don't want to get into treatment to make their resolve and get into it. The intervention program does a lot of work, but one of it's most important contributions is to help people out of their denial. For this, they take the help of the family and friends of the patient and form a group of people who want to help the addict out of the addiction. These people will then plan a program to motivate and encourage the patient to get out of the denial and accept an appropriate kind of treatment with the assistance from the intervention specialist.

These problems are highly impeding problems for the addiction treatment program; however, they are not problems that do not have their solutions. It is important to learn the various aspects of the program and find out how you can use it to your advantage and to override whatever problems there may be existing.

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